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Welcome to Froese Corp Group, where we strive in always growing, and growing in all ways. We strive for excellence within this growth that we pursue, whether within our process, responses, projects and of course with our rentals as well. 


Froese Corp Group began when the Founder, Garret Froese was spending time going through the leadership program at Springs. Garret was a full time psychologist at the time, not knowing that he may have talents and interest in other avenues. He was later asked him to read and write a book report on the well known book, "Rich Dad Poor Dad" by Robert Kiyosaki. At this time, learning about business, real estate, finances, etc. were all new to him. He was unable to take a moment to rest - he was eager to finish the book because it became so relatable. Garret didn't realize, he had a passion for business, financial independence, etc. He had an epiphany moment that would soon change his life. This moment was when he made the decision that he would now begin Froese Developments Inc, his first real estate focused company. Immediately, Garrets parents approached him and were having financial realizations that their RRSP's would not be enough to sufficiently retire off of. They wanted the same rewards as Garret was beginning to see of Real Estate. Then the story began... Garret started utilizing their investment, and produced many great rewards for them and he carries on by helping individuals all around him. He has attracted an entire team and together they believe in building a company that will stand the test of time by always growing, in all ways.  


A group of passionate individuals, collaboratively working together to provide as much value as possible for all who engage with Froese Corp Group. Whether dealing with consumers, clients or co workers.

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